• 1916: The foundation of the Sacramento Foxes was short lived, as World War I took the many young men playing football. 80% of the Foxes roster were killed in action.
  • 1923: During the crisis, many players were paid a missery. Many of players were paid nothing, but still played for their teams. Many of these veterans received their paychecks in 1932.
  • 1946: San Francisco Cobras are founded to level the morale of the young men that served in World War II. However, the team could only play a season because the players were suffering from shellshock, an anomaly that were striking young soldiers since World War I.  The franchise will not return to the field until the end of the Vietnam War.
  • 1963: Barry McCurdy, uncle of Michael McCurdy, leader in interceptions in the 1960 season is killed in action in Vietnam during the Khe Sanh siege.
  • 1968: Eight linebackers, four halfbacks, three quarterbacks, ten wide receivers, five tight ends, one fullback and two defensive ends enlisted in the Vietnam War, and none of them returned.
  • 1992: Eduardo Montana, linebacker for the Cincinnati Crusaders and uncle of Antonio Montana broke a record of 14 sacks in one game. Officials thought that he was on steroids influence. The tests revealed that Montana was just suffering from the Gulf Syndrome, a common sickness for Gulf War veterans. Two weeks later, Montana was arrested for striking an arabic man in a bar with a punch.