The Soviets were funded by Ivan Tegloshki using the funds of the Communist Party of the USA in 1993 as a semi-professional team. Today, the majority of the team is formed by Russians inmigrants in United States. Their main objective was mainly to bring the brutal football days lived in a German field during the Cold War, where East Germans and West Germans regrouped to play a football game. It included Americans, British, French and Russians. The Russians finished the game victorious by 2 touchdowns. Soviets returned to the League to teach those americans a lesson. What they may lack in speed, they have playmakers that can pull off miracles as shown in the 2009 season winning the Division III Championship, to get bumped down from Division II after losing to the New England Warfare in the 2011 season.

Team Captain: Viktor Tevski (Left Outside Linebacker #57)

PRO: Playmakers

CON: Anger Management