When it comes to ruthless agression, no one can be compared to MacTavish. He has been suffering rage attacks since his first day in the League, and made history with his psycho stare. If you see him starting at you, running would be a wise decision. However, he has been suspended due to the abuse of the performance enhancers. Luckily, many times he has been tested, the tests results negative. To finish, MacTavish tackles you, then pummels you into the ground, if you're going to get up, he'll return and pummel you again until you lose your senses. During his college days he was a top athlete and exceed in rugby, wrestling and boxing.


  • SPEED: 7.5
  • AGILITY: 8.5
  • STRENGTH: 10
  • HANDS: 7
  • RUSHING: 6
  • TACKLE: 10
  • PASSING: 5
  • BLOCK: 7
  • STAMINA: 10


" Say it to my face you son of a bitch! " - After being taunted by a player that reached the 1st down.

" 'Hope you got a condom, because you're gonna to get fucked! " - In-field threatening

" Hey mate, you must be an abortion survivor. You suck at this. " - After intercepting

" You better go to the bench, because I will sack your ass again, you little wanker! " - After sacking the QB

" GO TO SUCK YOUR FATHER'S BOLLOCKS, MATE! You're pro after all... " - After a turnover.

" What you're looking at? You wanna be grounded by me, you little bastard? " - In-field threatening

" None of your bullshite will work on us! " - Threatening

" 'Shite! You arseholes better start doing your jobs " - Mocking the offensive line