New York Nightmare is one of the most successful franchises in the League. They were formed after the plane crash that killed almost every player in the team. By then, they were playing as the Shamrocks. A newspaper from the era shown the crash site with the headling: NY NIGHTMARE! They have a great history off the field and inside the field. New York Nightmare is a team that housed many star players: For example in 2005, they excelled with Quentin Sands. By 2008, they hired star linebacker and team captain: Max Carson, rookie sensation Tyrone Kilgore and the tough-SOB veteran Darryl Kinsman. Their dreams of becoming League Champions are pummeled by the Mustangs, who bumped the Nightmare to Division II. Now, they're fighting to return to Division I. They're sworn enemies with New England Warfare. After a injury, Carson lost a step, but he still leds the team.

Team Captain: Max Carson Inside Linebacker #93

PRO: Blitzing

CON: Special Teams