After the 2011 season, the former New England Regulars lost their team captain after being knocked out in a game. Apparently, Packrat James has been injured so badly that missed two seasons and never had a contract re-negotiation due to the fact that the team has been experiencing financial problems. A businessman contacted the Team's GM to come to terms and sold the team to that businessman. After being bumped to Division II, the fans began to destroy the Stadium. Around 500 people were arrested in the incident and around 25 were shot and killed. Later, a new stadium was built and the Regulars reappared and began to play as the Warfare, named after the incidents that night. They're currently fighting their way to Division I. Their stadium is also a mental hospital, where patients scream every time they score, sack or intercept. Also, the Warfare has a complete new roster, with veterans and rookies as well. Their defense is formed by athletic and quick players, even the defensive linemen are trained in speed and can stop quarterbacks or running backs quickly. Their weak resides in frustration. If they're getting beaten, you can be sure that they will not going to take the control of the game anymore, although they tend to purposefully injuring or severe damaging their opponents.

Team Captain: Antonio Montana (Inside Linebacker #54)

PRO: Defense Athleticism

CON: Frustration