Juicing is an option that allows the player to buy performance enhancers for the players on his/her team. These enhancers have a positive effect that has a direct impact on player when in-field. While others can have a negative side effect that has not an impact to player's performance on field. They're sort by Legal, Illegal ones and the Juice of the week that is selected randomly.

Legal OnesEdit


  • Originally a drug for patients with depression. Found that it can give enormous amounts of energy to the body.
  • Increases all stamina loss to opposing players by 50%; this includes both dirty hits and offensive clash moves.
  • Team Risk: Low
  • $15000


  • It can turn a heavy smoker with screwed up lungs into a very decent athlete.
  • Turbo drains 50% slower.
  • Team Risk: Low
  • $10000


  • This stuff turns a turtle into a hare. You should thank to those fools this stuff is legal.
  • Increases +1.5 in Speed attribute permanently.
  • Team Risk: Low
  • $20000


  • Agility and Speed in a comfortable package. It is said that the drug can be expelled from the body just by jacking off.
  • +2 Speed +2 Agility by one week.
  • Team Risk: Low
  • $25000

Illegal OnesEdit


  • Shooting Droxilyn into your ass will turn your bones and muscles into titanium for this week's contest.
  • Reduces the severity of injuries sustained by the player. Increases the player's endurance to injuries.
  • Team Risk: Medium
  • $20000


  • This stuff turns you into a first-class athlete. Who cares about side effect when you can run faster? It comes only in needles, just care about getting infected with AIDS.
  • Increases Speed and Stamina attributes by 2 points for one week.
  • Team Risk: Medium
  • $17500