Blitz The League: Guts and Glory is the last mod for Blitz The League II and it's only for jtagged XBOX consoles.

The mod contains all the teams of Blitz The League II and it's mods. (Such as Las Vegas Knights) Division X teams can only be used if player completes the Season once.

Game ModesEdit

  • Exhibition: Play a game against the computer or another player, with various other game modes variating from a normal game to a Bonecrusher game mode.
  • Season: Starts the season mode for BTL. It includes a new gameplay, you can interact with another players and team captains. You can edit the roster, team captains, etc.
  • Training Camp: You can learn to play here.


The mod uses the classic controls for playing as well for the Triage mode. Now, during the gameplay you can check the status of your players in-game. When you switch to one of them, you can check their health and in which body part are damaged most. A blue color will mean that your player is healthy, while a red will mean that your player is severely damaged can be injured easily. Therefore, player attributes are 10, but they vary in player. Example, as a Halfback does not need TACKLE attribute, it will show RUSHING attribute instead. And vice versa for defensive players.


Attributes shows how good your player is in a category. It has 10 different attributes.

  • STRENGTH (All players): It means how hard your player will hit his opponents and how fast will shed blocks.
  • RUSHING (HB, FB, QB): It means how effective is your player breaking tackles and auto-evading opponents.
  • TACKLE (LB, DE, FS, SS, DT, CB): It means how effective are your player's tackles.
  • HANDS (LB, FS, SS, CB, WR, TE, HB, FB): It means how good is your player catching the ball and the probabilites of your player fumbling the ball. Higher numbers means less fumbling percent.
  • ENDURANCE (All players): It means the damage your player can withstand.
  • SPEED (All players): The speed of your player.
  • AGILITY (All players): It means how effective is your player evade moves and movement.
  • STAMINA (All players): It means how long your player can run before get tired.
  • PASSING (QB,K,P): It means how accurate will your player throw/kick the ball.
  • BLOCK (FB, Offensive Line, TE): It means how effective are your player's blocks.


  • A player named Cole Phelps appears as a player for Miami Hammerheads.