Known as the "General of the Secondary" in Austin, Texas. Bill is a young veteran safety who have been struck many times that he simply lost his mind years ago. He is sometimes unstable in-field that makes him to lost the lead for a while, to return as a mentally-ill-devatsator hitter. Off the field, Dufraix had trouble with the law when starting a brawl in a club when breaking a glass bottle to Steve Cox. They have only to pass a night in jail to get into the game that week. He was arrested in 2007 because he killed a man who cheated to his wife. Ironically, she was Bill's sister. He caught the man and his lover in a mountain when drunk-driving. He killed the couple with a barbed wire. He was given a four year sentence. He was known in the NFL as the first rookie that led in interceptions. But after the incident, Dufraix was censored and "erased" in the NFL, causing his fans to follow his path in the League.


  • SPEED: 10
  • AGILITY: 10
  • HANDS: 10
  • RUSHING: 4
  • TACKLE: 8.5
  • BLOCK: 5
  • STAMINA: 10


  • He can be injured by executing two unleash moves on him. Simply rush to him, as Barbarians will often use a Cover-2 scheme.